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Tile and Grout Cleaning

We Are The Premier Choice For Floor Restoration and Cleaning Services.

Tile, Grout and Natural Stone Cleaning

Tile and Grout cleaning is one of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining the beauty of your home and environment. Certified Tile and Grout Cleaners Chicago, is a full-service provider for all your tile, grout and natural stone cleaning needs. We routinely service indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial locations.

Kitchen Tile Floor Cleaning

The kitchen is often referred to as the "heart of your home" by many design professionals. It's also one of the highest traffic locations of a home. This area deserves the best professional cleaning possible on a regular basis. We love to deliver sparkling, chemical and bacteria-free floors, countertops and back-splashes for a clean and healthy kitchen.

Tile Cleaning - Grout Cleaning

Bathroom settings present some of the greatest hardships for tile and grout. Hard water, soap residue, high humidity, mold and up to multiple uses per day can quickly take their toll. Protect the natural beauty of your investment with professional care, cleaning and attention to your tile and grout.

Children and Pet Friendly Tile and Grout Cleaning

Certified Tile and Grout Cleaners Chicago understands the importance of a home that is safe for all your family members and especially your children and pets. We offer effective Tile and Grout Cleaning utilizing environmentally friendly and child / pet safe products. Your family's protection is important to us.


Certified Tile And Grout Cleaners Chicago
Is Your First Choice For
Cleaning, Sealing and Restoring All The
Tile, Grout and Natural Stone In Your Setting.

Our combined 37+ years of experience and I.I.R.C. Certification gives us the ability to achieve the highest level of cleanliness without causing the slightest damage to your delicate or heavily soiled natural stone or tile.

In addition, we can assess any situation and let you rest assured if your tile is cleanable or needs to be replaced.

Likewise, we can also take care of any tile that needs to be replaced, re-caulked or re-grouted. This type of need is identified on the pre-inspection step of our service to you.

Proper care of your tile, and natural stone is just as important as proper care of your wall-to-wall carpets, oriental rugs and upholstery. You can take advantage of these services and 50% off coupons at: Carpet Cleaning Chicago, Oriental Rug Cleaning Chicago and Upholstery Cleaning Chicago.

While you have choices between several other companies that offer tile and grout cleaning, we are well known for our reputation in the community for doing an excellent job at a really nice price ~ delivered according to industry standards.

Our customers routinely refer us to their friends. We'd love for you to see why they do this by serving you and earning your trust too!

Over time, grime and soil hides the natural elegance of your tile, grout and natural stone. You may have actually forgotten its original beauty, color and full design. Most people do!

After our professional services, you'll see the "like-new" colors, designs and natural elegance reappear in your tile and stone.

Your delight is our number one goal!


Can Our Company Handle Your Needs?
Absolutely! Here Are Just a Few Examples Of What We Offer.

We specialize in the cleaning sealing and restoration of a vast array of tile and natural stone such as: marble, ceramic, granite, travertine, terrazzo, tile and grout cleaning companies flagstone, slate, limestone and granite... all of which cannot be remedied with conventional household and over the counter products or methods.

Ornate and decorative tile work of any kind from any country or source is one of our specialties!

We can also polish any of your tile and precious natural stones... marble, granite etc. We can address spot and etch removal, as well as sealing of your tile and grout.

Our staff regularly attends ongoing, continuing-education courses to provide you with the latest, cutting-edge tile and grout cleaning and restoration services as possible.

With our training and background we have the ability to offer several different methods of cleaning for all your tile and natural stone, and we have the experience to combine cleaning techniques for even the most challenging jobs.


Indoor, Outdoor, Personal Residence
Or Commercial - We Take Care Of

Any Setting, Located Anywhere!

tile and ground cleaning inside and outside of the home

Outdoor settings with tile or natural stone are equally as important as any indoor setting to maintain the original natural beauty with regular cleaning, sealing and maintenance.

Certified Tile and Grout Cleaners Chicago can handle all of these settings and their specific specialized needs...

    We can clean your tile, grout and natural stone in any room or building:
      • floors in any room or office
      • hallways / foyers
      • counter tops
      • backsplashes
      • showers
      • walls
      • bathroom vanities
      • spas
      • bar and table tops
      • decorative furnishings
      • any unique stone surface
      • no job is "too big" or "too small" - we have the experience to handle anything!

    You name it- we've cleaned and restored that
    "like new look," leaving you with a clean, streak-free, magnificent shine!

Do We Service High-Rise and
Commercial Buildings?

You Bet!

In fact, while many companies don't want
"the hassle" of servicing high rise and commercial buildings, we do it every day!

We are very familiar with the challenges and logistics of servicing high rise and commercial buildings. We routinely navigate through and around loading docks, deal with parking challenges, receiving rooms and management offices.

We're very accustomed to it. In fact, this is where we started 18 years ago and it just feels like "home to us!"

We've become the preferred provider at most of Chicago's exclusive buildings. The John Hancock Building and Lake Point Towers to name a few. Believe it or not, our technicians are on a first name basis with many of the doormen!

All our products are suited for
use in the office and home environment.

As it concerns your personal setting - no area is too big or too small. We spa cleaningenjoy serving any need you may have.

The key thing to remember about any commercial or residential tile and grout is that often most contractors and builders "cut-corners" and don't seal the tile and grout after initial installation.

What you may not know is that if the tile and grout is not sealed, hand cleaning, mopping or scrubbing pushes the dirty, soapy water and your chemical product into the tile and grout, where it becomes trapped.

Sealer creates a protective barrier, preventing mop or sponge water from penetrating the tile and grout. So even if your tile and grout or natural stone is relatively new, you many consider a consultation with us to assure the integrity of your tile / stone work is protected.


What Are Your Options?

You certainly can "do it yourself." Many people do. However, they're probably using harsh chemicals to cut through molds, grime, hard water deposits, soap residue or stains.

And even if they are using all natural products, they're definitely removing that very important sealer.
(see above)

This leaves the surface vulnerable from that point forward for deeper stains and more difficult cleaning in the future.

And if the sealer was not present when they began they're just driving the dirt deeper into the stone, tile or grout.

Which One Are You?

Are you hiring a friend, relative or your children perhaps for extra money on their "weekly allowance" to do the tile and grout cleaning?

Are you slaving away with harsh brush bristles?

Are you over whelmed with choosing the right products or cleaning devices?

And... did you know that over time, the use of “over the counter” cleaning products causes soap residue to build up. This creates the actual "locking-in" of soil and grime in the porous grout and tile, thus hiding the original color.

Also, the store bought cleaners will cause your grout to become chalky and white. This is due to an alkali mineral, salt-like build up which occurs from using these consumer products.

You really place your tile, grout and natural stone at risk with self-cleaning methods.

Why Not, Just Let Our Experienced Team
Take Away All the Fuss and Stress?

We use:

We will successfully remove even the most difficult and built up challenges with our patented process. You enjoy the effortless end-result of your surface restored to its clean, fresh "like-new" condition.


We Also Use:


Here's How To Get Started...


Call us at: (773) 931-8610

When you call, please ask any questions you may have. We'll set an appointment time, within a 2 hour window, that is convenient for you and our technician will come to your location.

We will do a complete inspection of the area/s to be cleaned. At this point we'll provide you with a written quote. Upon approval - we'll begin the work right then. No need for a 2nd appointment. We come prepared to do the work right then, on the initial visit, if it's convenient for you

** Many of our customers will leave permission to enter their unit if they have a doorman. This is the level of professionalism we offer and trust our customers give us routinely. We'll inspect the areas to be cleaned, then call you to approve the work and take payment over the phone. Your comfort and convenience are very important to us.

After the job is complete, we'll do a post inspection with you to make sure that you are "beyond satisfied."

We then give you our list of "post-cleaning care helpful tips" to assist you in keeping your tile, grout or natural stone shiny and clean for a longer period of time until your next professional cleaning.

Please remember, you can always call if you have any questions, concerns or need clarification of any kind.

Tile, grout and natural stone cleaning, we make it easy for you!

All our services are delivered to you with our deepest respect.

As well, we regard you and your home or office as if it
were our own and treat it with honor and grace.

Along with this, please accept our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


As With All Our Services You Receive Our
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We Demand Your Complete Satisfaction!

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service,
tell us within three days.

Our Policy: We will re-clean any area of dissatisfaction at no charge.

member of carpet rug cleaners institute of Illinois

Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Tile, Grout and Natural Stone.
We Look Forward To Showing You
What You've Been Missing!

(773) 931-8610


Give Us a Call For Your Free Quote and Demonstration.
We Schedule All
To Suit Your Convenience!

We look forward to serving you with our friendly, quality service while respecting your environment. We take great pride in properly caring for all your tile and grout cleaning needs. You can trust and count on us, the Certified Tile and Grout Cleaners Chicago.

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