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Mold Removal and Water Damage Clean Up. Performed by Professional, Skilled Experts For All Mold Remediation and Flood Damage Restoration Needs.

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Water Damage Clean Up

Water damage is a multi-faceted concern. There are several considerations for returning your home to a safe and livable condition. First you have to properly and thoroughly remove the water. Next comes the assessment of what else needs attention. The carpet? Carpet padding? Drywall and other structural considerations? Mold and mildew evaluation and removal must always be a part of the water damage clean up process.

Water Damage Restoration

We respond to your needs within one hour of your call to Water Damage Restoration Chicago. Your safety is our concern. Our knowledgeable technicians also care about and respectfully deliver the proper restoration of your electronics, books, important documents, paintings, furnishings and other precious belongings. Our ultimate goal is to never cause you any inconvenience and to restore your setting to its pre water damage condition in a timely, orderly manner.

Water Removal

Water Damage Restoration Chicago has dealt with up to 10 feet of standing water. No water removal job is too big for our professional team. Likewise, we routinely deal with the water damage and clean-up caused by simple leaks from air conditioners, sinks and toilet over-flows. If your water is not removed professionally, you run a high risk of hidden or obvious mold growth in the months ahead.

Mold Removal

Obvious mold you can see. Hidden mold is often known to be present by a strong musty odor or evidence of past moisture problems. An environment with excessive humidity will also encourage the growth of unseen mold. You need expert help to get rid of this obnoxious, health- challenging nuisance. Use of simple bleach, other consumer products or concoctions are ineffective and your mold problem will persist.

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Certified Water Restoration Chicago understands your feelings of panic, fear and your need for guidance. Don't go it alone. Call us.
  • Not all flood and flood damage situations are dealt with in the same way.

  • Let our teams combined 40 years of experience guide you through assuring your safety, minimization of damage and prevention of further loss.

  • We'll give you a list of things you can do until our technician arrives.

Water Removal Must
Be Acted On Right Away, Or Else...

When water removal is initiated quickly, you greatly minimize the need for carpet cleaning itemmore expensive repairs and replacement of structural considerations.

Something that appears as a simple excess of water, from a known source, can seem like its very easy to take care of yourself.

However, water adds up very quickly and you cannot underestimate how much damage can occur in a very short time.

Water can seep into spaces that look like they're sealed to the inexperienced eye. Once that seepage begins it moves very rapidly to saturate anything in its pathway. Even on a tile or linoleum floor, damage can still occur to the sub-
flooring, drywall and other porous materials.

mold in basement
Don't Let This Happen To You.
Call Us.

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When Water Extraction Is Done Promptly
Water Damage Clean Up Can Be Minimized.

water damage cleanup fansIf prompt water removal is done with truck mounted water extraction or other high powered industrial equipment, property damage can be greatly reduced.

Clean up can then be as simple as professional high velocity air movers along with commercial-grade rapid dehumidification equipment.

Many times, water removal that you think can be handled on your own, can be deceiving. In an effort to save money or time people end up creating more expense for themselves a very short time later.

You have only one chance to perform the water removal correctly. Get this wrong and you'll be looking at a strong potential for mold removal as your next step.

Certified Water Restoration Chicago
will correctly perform water removal for you, the first time.

And if you have any oriental carpets or area rugs affected by a water damage incident, we can take care of that for you too. See more about that at Oriental Rug Cleaning Chicago

Mold Growth Occurs When
Water Removal Is Not Handled Immediately.

mold cleanup and removalAs stated, mold growth occurs when water removal is not handled immediately by a professional. It can also occur when there has been a hidden leak, a humid environment or excess moisture from any source.

Identifying mold growth can be as simple as seeing it on the surface of your walls or floors.

Many homes with basements have this challenge.

This can also result from inadequate water extraction during water damage restoration... even by some companies that refer to themselves as professionals. Sad, yet true. "Buyers beware."

This is why you must know that you're dealing with a
reputable service and a company that knows what they're doing.

Certified Water Restoration Chicago knows how to address mold removal. We use a mold cleanup using disinfectantprofessional strength, non-corrosive disinfectant that's highly effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Our products not only inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, they even handle tough odors. They are designed specifically for the needs of professional water damage restoration. The products sanitize porous and nonporous surfaces and are EPA-approved.

In fact, what you're seeing is a before and after from a family member of our company.


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Major Mold Problems Also Occur When
People Try To Do Water Removal Themselves.

Often "do-it-yourself" types will attempt to do water removal with a rented water damage removalwet-vac, a Shop Vacp or a Rainbow vacuum. While it looks like the water is being removed with every pain-staking swipe of the hose...you just can't remove all the water from the carpet, which is required to stop a major mold growth problem. Don't be fooled.

Mold can grow on even slightly damp carpet backing, and especially in carpet padding. It's essentially impossible to remove the water yourself, especially if you have any padding underneath your carpet.

water damage carpet padding removalCarpet padding acts like a sponge. And even if you could ring it out, it would still remain moist enough to be a giant breeding ground for mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria.

You have to fold back your carpet and remove the padding. Then the carpet backing has to be completely dried.

Your carpet has a better chance of being saved when attended to professionally, promptly and correctly.

Also, please be aware that simply cleaning your carpet is a very bad choice in a water or mold damage situation.

You must take a very aggressive approach to removing the water and killing the mold. Equipment and products available to the consumer, simply cannot perform at the level required for thorough disinfection and remediation.

Professional grade disinfectants must be used to assure the mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria are removed. You can see more about our carpet cleaning service and how it differs from water extraction and mold removal at Carpet Cleaning Chicago

Mold Removal Can Be More Involved.
Water Damage Restoration Chicago
Can Handle Any Size Restoration.

mold removal from drywallingIf your carpet or carpet pad retains any amount of moisture, you'll have problems. Major mold growth can affect your walls, sub-flooring, insulation and other structures in contact with the carpet or padding.

This is something we commonly see when water removal was not performed professionally... Or, too much time went by before professional water removal occurred.

Ineffective water removal or delays set you up for a much larger water damage restoration project.

All the more reason for you to be in the hands of an
experienced professional - right from the start.

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If Mold is Hiding Behind Your Walls,
What Effect is it Having on Your Health?

water damage restoration

Even the most complex restoration and mold removal can be easily handled by Water Damage Restoration Chicago. Appropriate safety gear must be worn by our repair professionals because this amount of mold is very toxic. Ignorance is not bliss when it concerns hidden mold.

hidden mold

Our team takes care of removing the offensive materials so you're not exposed to any risk. Professional strength disinfectants are applied.

drying sub-structures with air movers

Thorough drying of all the sub-structures are managed withprofessional high velocity air movers.

Finally, your structures are replaced with fresh materials, dry wall, insulation, structural needs, whatever is required. We'll also get your carpet, carpet padding and everything else reinstalled.

We get your environment back to its pre-mold or pre-flood condition as quickly and respectfully as possible. All this, with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your household.

All you're left to do is set your personal effects and belongings where you want them.

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You Can Rely On
Water Damage Restoration Chicago.
Why This Is Important To You...

carpet cleaning item We offer free phone consultation with a flood specialist anytime day or night.

What this means to you:

You can count on speaking to a professional flood specialist offering crucial information concerning your safety along with tips for minimizing your loss and damage, even if it's 3:00 in the morning.

carpet cleaning item We physically respond to your needs within one hour of your initial call to us - 24/7.

What this means to you:

You know experienced help is immediately available to serve you. You're assisted in reducing further damage that may not be covered by your insurance. Forget about guessing when friendly support will arrive. We're already on the way.

carpet cleaning item We provide complete structural drying - to anything that can be dried. If it's not able to be dried we tell you and recommend the most cost-effective replacement. No games or negligence.

What this means to you:
You can rest assured you'll be free of any unseen mold issues endangering your health in the future. You'll feel the security of having a restoration expert on your side.

carpet cleaning item We use professional strength, EPA approved products that assure remediation of mold, fungi, mildew and bacteria. Our products also remove the tough odors of things like urine, sewage and perspiration.

What this means to you:
You can be assured of a clean-smelling environment while knowing that all noxious, microscopic organisms are stopped dead using potent yet environmentally safe products. Feel at peace knowing our products are easy on the environment and cause no harm to people or pets. You're also safe from mold, mildew, fungal and bacterial problems down the road.

carpet cleaning item We can handle all your remediation needs. Removal of carpet, padding, drywall, insulation and all structural considerations if need be. And, reinstallation of the same.

What this means to you:
You can relax knowing that our professional company can handle every phaseand remedy required to restore your setting to its pre-flood condition. Saves you the headache of coordinating multiple services, companies or contractors.

carpet cleaning item We can remove, clean, dry and reinstall your carpet with new padding if the conditions of your water damage permit.

What this means to you:
You can count on an honest assessment, with every attempt made to save you as much as possible both emotionally and financially.

carpet cleaning item We support your position with the insurance company. We help you in determining what can be restored i.e. precious heirlooms, antiques and items of sentimental value. We guide you in identifying what cannot be restored and must be submitted to your insurance company for replacement.

What this means to you:
You can have confidence knowing you're being assisted by experts who have done this for decades. You'll feel supported by the skilled guidance for any insurance claims that need to be made, knowing they're backed by our proficient assessment.

carpet cleaning item All non-emergent appointments (usually mold removal) are scheduled around your time-frame within a two hour window. Same day evaluations are available. We'll provide a physical assessment, give you the estimate and remediation can begin right then, upon your approval.

What this means to you:
We're here when you need us. No frustration or waiting. You can be stress and worry free about any health hazards. You see a problem in your setting, we're there to serve you. You can also relax knowing we are happy to work around your schedule and convenience.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Making this easier for you...

We Guarantee That You Will Be 100% Satisfied
With Our Workmanship.
If you're not, we'll make it right. Period.

member of carpet rug cleaners institute of Illinois

We Also Guarantee That You Will Receive
Physical Response Within One Hour Of
Your Emergency Flood - Water Removal Phone Call.

Safeguard Your Environment and
Allow a Professional Team of Experts To
Support You Through the Process of
Water Damage Clean Up and Mold Removal.

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Water Removal Phone Consultation
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CLICK FOR QUOTE We look forward to helping you through the gut-wrenching time of water damage restoration and mold removal. You can rely on the Certified Water Restoration Chicago team at Water Damage Restoration Chicago.

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